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Activist Re-Evaluation

https://youtube.com/devicesupport http://m.youtube.com

The Violence that Created Baltimore

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Occupy These Photos

More info here: https://pubslush.com/project/5938


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Stay Strong and Pay Close Attention

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“What makes him different is his dimpled defiance. With his villainous arched eyebrows, he's fierce looking. Yet he's as sweet as apple pie and as... Show more

Anti-Social Media Activism

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Mickey Z. - New Year's Eve open mic

At Coffeed in Astoria

George Carlin Was Wrong

Mickey Z.

What Would Swayze Do?

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WordFlow Presents: "Choose Sides in the War...

"Choose Sides in the War Against Imagination" by Mickey Z. Dancer: Megan Caniglia www.RoCMdance.com WordFlow Slam & Open Mic A Spoken Word-Dance...

I support the War on Terror

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